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Import Export Code

Import Export Code

If you are in business of Importing and Exporting of goods in India, it mandatory to have 10 digit Import Export Code. Many a times Import Export Code is abbreviated as IEC. Import Export Code is required for all persons or enterprises involved in Import or Export of goods. Import Export Code is issued by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), Ministry of Commerce and Industries, Government of India. Import Export Code has Lifetime Validity.
Process Takes around 5-7 working days once complete Documents shared.
FEE:_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
TIME TAKEN:_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Step1: Go to DGFT website
Go to DGFT (Directorate General of Foreign Trade) website or click on There’s an option for ‘Quick Links’ at the left side of the page. In this section, you need to click on the option ‘Apply for New Import Export Code (IEC)/ Modify existing IEC.’
Step2: Enter your PAN (Permanent Account Number)
Once you’re done with the above step, you will be directed to the next page. In this page, you will be asked to enter your PAN. Then, click on the ‘Search’ option. In case, you have entered the incorrect PAN, click on ‘Reset’ button.
Step3: Enter details for PAN verification
Again you will be directed to a page where you need to enter the following details:
1. Name (as in PAN);
2. Date of Birth/Incorporation;
3. Captcha Code.
Once you have entered the details correctly, click on Submit. Any wrong detail on the PAN served site will lead to authentication failure.
Step4: Status of PAN verification
If the details are valid, a message will be displayed on the screen saying stating that your PAN has been verified. The next step is to click on ‘Proceed.’ Step5: Login for fresh IEC application For fresh IEC application, you need to provide your email address and mobile number. On the right-hand side, you have to enter the Captcha code and then click on ‘Generate OTP.’
Step6: Enter the OTP
An OTP will be sent to your email address as well as your mobile number. Enter the OTP and click on Submit. In case, you haven’t received any OTP, click on ‘Regenerate OTP.’
Step7: E-commerce number generated, Update Master Data
Once you click the Submit button after entering OTP, you will find a 20 digit E-commerce number on the screen. On the right side of the screen, you are required to enter the following details:
Step8: Update Branch Details
On clicking Update and Save, you will be directed to a new page. Here, you have to fill the Branch Detail of the Firm. The information to be filled are:
Then, click on Add Button and you will be directed to another page.
Step9: Update the details of Director/Proprietor/Partner/Karta/Managing Trustee
In this page, you have to provide the details of Directors, partners, etc. The required details are as follows: 1. Director SI. No;
2. DIN (Director Identification Number);
3. Name, PAN, Date of Birth, etc.;
4. Address;
5. Mobile Number;
6. Aadhaar Card Number and other information as asked.
Again, click on ‘ADD.’
Step10: Upload Documents
Now, you will land on the page where you are supposed to upload documents such as Address proof and Cancelled cheque or Bank certificate. The document to upload should be either in PDF format or in the form of GIF. Then, click on Upload File.
Note: Size of the document must not exceed 5MB.
In address proof, you can use the following documents:
  • Sale Deed;
  • Rent Agreement;
  • Lease Deed;
  • Mobile Post-paid bill;
  • MOU (Memorandum of Understanding);
  • Electricity Bill;
  • Telephone Landline bill;
  • Partnership Deed.
Other acceptable documents are Passport, Voter ID, and Aadhaar Card but only for Proprietorship.
Also note that, in case, the name of the applicant firm isn’t present in the address proof, then the applicant must submit a NOC (No-Objection Certificate) in favour of the firm along with address proof in a PDF format.
Step11: Fee Payment and Fee Verification
After you have uploaded the document, you need to pay the required Fee. Once you have submitted the fees, verify it.
Step12: Preview and Print Application
Before proceeding to the final submission of the application, you need to preview the entire details you have filled. After you have verified it and found it correct, click on Print Application.
Step13: Final submission of the application
Finally, you would be able to submit the application by clicking on Submit. You can submit the application either using Digital Signature or without Digital Signature.
After submission, you can check the status of the application by entering your PAN.
Login with your user credential and select apply for license/Registration from the Tab License/registration and proceed. Follow the following steps -
1. Firstly you should accept the undertaking.
2. Select the state where your premise of food business situated.
3. Confirm yes if you have premises in more than one state otherwise select No.
4. If selected yes at step 2 and you are applying for Head Office/Registered office select yes. If you have premise in more than one state but you are not applying for Head Office/Registered office then select No
5. If you selected yes at step 4 and you have other food business from Head Office/Registered office select yes. Proceed for next step.
6. If selected No at step 3. Proceed for next step.
7. Select Kind of business.
8. Select the turnover or installed capacity.
9. Furnished the details as address of registered office, premise of business, person in-charge of operation, person complying with condition of license and products details etc.
10. Upload the supporting documents.
11. Pay the fees.(online in case of central license, for state license/ registration payment mode may be online or offline via challan etc.)
12. Print Form B and sign the same. after scanning this form upload it and acknowledgement will be generated .
a. Address Proof:
Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill (Fixed Line Only) or Gas Bill (not older than 2 months) in the name of the Owner of Address.
Tax Paid Receipt or Copy of Registered Sale Deed
b. Telephone Bill / Mobile Bill/Electricity Bill / Bank Account Statement must be in the name of applicant and should not be older than 2 months.
c. In case of documents that are in languages other than English, it should be translated to English with the help of a professional translator, carrying his details (name, signature, address, and seal)
d. If the proposed director has a valid Director Identification Number (DIN) and if he or she is a proposed shareholder, the address in MCA records and should match with present address proof.
  • A completed and signed Form – B,
  • Details of the Owner/Proprietor, Partners or Directors. With their Photo ID, Photographs and Address Proofs,
  • Proof of Annual Turnover,
  • The layout of the proposed location, along with the planned installation and placement of the equipment,
  • Proof of Possession for the building/premises,
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the owners, along with their other details, such as name & address,
  • Copy of License from the Manufacturers of the Machinery & Equipment,
  • List and Details of the equipment already installed or proposed to be installed at the location,
  • All Food Products and/or categories that are planned to be produced,
  • Planned Food Safety Management System (FSMS),
  • Water Report Analysis by an accredited Laboratory,
  • Source of procurement for Milk, Meat & its processing unit, as applicable,
  • NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the Local Authority, as applicable,
  • If the FBO is engaged in Mineral or Carbonated water, then Pesticide Residual Report by a Government Accredited Laboratory,
  • Import-Export Code (IEC), if applicable,
  • Certificate from the Ministry of Tourism, if applicable,
  • Proof of Turnover for Vehicles, as may apply to the line of business,
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) from FSSAI.
(i) valid PAN
(ii) Valid Mobile Number and E-mail Id.
(iii) Scanned copy of the documents to be uploaded.
On the DGFT website under Quick links select Apply for New IEC/Modify existing IEC. Enter PAN and press Search Button. Then system will prompt for the following:
(a) Name of Company
(b) Date of Birth/Incorporation (DOB/DOI)
After entering above given details at (a) and (b) the system will verify your Name, DOB/DOI from the CBDT PAN Web Server and then it will direct to DGFT- IEC application enabling you to file for fresh IEC application. (Please Note; Enter the Name and /DOB (DOI) correctly otherwise your authentication on the PAN server site will fail)
In case you have generated the IEC letter from the e-IEC system and now you want to modify your IEC. Enter PAN and press Search Button. Then system will prompt for the following:
(a) Name of Company
(b) Date of Birth/Incorporation (DOB/DOI)
(c) File Number (d) File Date
The Name and DOB/DOI will be verified from CBDT PAN Web Server and File No and File Date will be validated from the DGFT-IEC application then only the system will dispatch tokens (one time password) on your registered mobile and e-mail id. Enter any one of the tokens either of e-mail/mobile and then press Submit Button to proceed.
(Please Note You have to enter the current File No along with File Date)
Enter your PAN and press Search Button. Then system will prompt for the following:
(a) Name of Company
(b) Date of Birth/Incorporation (DOB/DOI)
(c) File Number
(d) File Date
The Name and DOB/DOI will be verified from CBDT PAN Web Server and File No and File Date will be verified from the DGFT-IEC application then only the system will dispatch tokens (one time password) on your registered mobile and e-mail id.
Enter any one of the tokens either of e-mail/mobile and then press Submit Button.
DGFT- Online IEC application system here will automatically display the two options of View/Print rejection letter along with "Apply again where earlier application was rejected".
The system will automatically generate the IEC certificate once you submit your application based on your Jurisdictional Authority and it will automatically dispatch the IEC letter on your registered e-mail id.
However, at the time of next modification the e-IEC system will continue to display Print/View your IEC details along with Modify e-IEC.
You must ensure the Application should be complete with all the details. Application fee of Rs 500/- in case of fresh IEC and for IEC modification Rs 200/- is mandatory.